Nasturtiums make excellent companion plants in the vegetable garden because they are said to deter squash bugs and other garden predators. Nasturtiums fit nicely into the companion plant category by attracting hoverflies, which will destroy aphids on your prize roses or in your vegetable garden. The climbing nasturtiums will … It is a wonderful companion for the vegetable garden and for the beginner, there really isn’t anything easier to grow. Plus, the leaves and flowers are edible , with a peppery tang, and even the seed pods can be used as a substitute for capers . Whether in the vegetable patch, around fruit trees or near rose trees, Nasturtium plant can be propagated without restrictions. They also add beauty to your vegetable garden and are great for companion planting. There are nasturtium varieties for almost every gardening purpose: bushy plants for borders and edges, trailing plants for walls and containers, and climbers to add dramatic height. Height – 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) up to 13 feet (4 meters) for those climbing Exposure – full sun Soil – normal Aug 24, 2019 - Explore lisa garden's board "Garden-Nasturtiums", followed by 263 people on Pinterest. They’re colorful, edible flowers, and good for kids to plant. Nasturtiums have a spicy, peppery flavor that surprises many when they first eat the plant. Another reason to grow nasturtiums is the sheer blaze of colour they add to your garden. Name – Tropaelum majus Family – Tropaeolaceae Type – annual. Highly useful, this annual has many attractive applications in the garden. There are more than 50 types of nasturtium, according to Gardening Know How. These nasturtiums have bigger flowers and leaves but don't produce as many flowers as the bush varieties do. The flowers have a funnel shape with a short spur off the back, and come in a range of warm colors from creamy yellow to bright red. Tasty, attractive, and easy to grow, nasturtiums also perform well in containers. There are many varieties of nasturtiums available such as bushy, trailing, and climbers. of soil feels dry to the touch. Growing Nasturtium: Tips & Tricks. It is a twining vine that starts spreading when the weather warms up in spring. Nasturtiums are drought-tolerant and may rot in soggy soil. Remember to harden off plants grown inside before planting them out. There are about eighty known species and each is easily recognizable do to the bright, intense colors of the flower. See more ideas about nasturtium, flower art, flower painting. Plant a few seeds in the container and you are ready to go! Sow nasturtium seeds directly into the ground, planting seeds ½ inch deep and 12 inches apart. Nasturtiums are a must-have in an edible garden. Nasturtiums will be killed by frost and so they don’t pose such an invasive threat in cooler parts of the country. The nasturtium also is edible--try using the leaves and flowers in salads. Nasturtium attract whitefly and cabbage caterpillars. Nasturtiums are super-duper easy to plant, in fact the only way they’d be easier is if they hopped out of the seed pack for you. Nasturtium has slightly succulent stems and distinctive, rounded green leaves that resemble water lily pads. Thank you for your gardening blog, found very useful and informative. There are many sizes to suit your garden, including bush or dwarf, semi-trailing, and single flower climbing. Once the potted nasturtium plants are up and established, water only when the top two inches (5 cm.) Nasturtium seeds will germinate in a sunny spot in 10-12 days. Read your latest but wondering why on earth you would want to propagate nasturtiums when seeds are so cheap and easy to grow. Start trimming your nasturtiums within 1–2 months of planting them with a pair of hand pruners. That's good, and it's why smart gardeners use them as a companion plant in a vegetable garden. Some varieties are mounding, some trailing, and some are climbers. Organic Vegetable Gardening-The healthier way to grow your vegetables. In fact, if you don’t ensure it’s contained, some nasturtium will take over the entire area where you’ve planted it. Look for leggy vines or stalks and trim up to a third off their length. Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus), also called Indian Cress, are a reliable flowering plant native to South America. Keep in mind that a nasturtium in a container will dry out much faster than a plant grown in the ground. Planting Nasturtium Outdoors. Every experienced gardener knows that nasturtium is a must-have in our desert gardens. Compainion growing in Containers - Tomato and Nasturtiums - Lucia's Gardening Tips - Duration: 5:31. dreamtymefilms 5,893 views. They are useful in ornamental gardens, hanging containers, edible or herb gardens. A vigorous trailing type, such as 'Tall Trailing Mix', can be trained on a fence as a climber. Nasturtium Seeds. Although you can plant all of these varieties in a container, the trailing plants are best suited for them. Organic gardening questions will help you evaluate your garden so you can get better results in the future. Maryanne Jennings says: October 19, 2020 at 10:11 am. But it wasn't until this year that I realized just how easy it is to collect and save the seeds from my nasturtium plants to replant the following spring. Tips for Growing Nasturtiums. Nasturtiums will prefer a sunny and relatively sheltered spot. For the first time, I planted some nasturtium last spring in a planter on the back deck, instead of in wooden barrels around the chicken coop and yard. Nasturtium is a cheerful, easy, quick-growing annual flower! Nasturtiums deter squash beetles, cucumber beetles and other vine boring pests so are an asset in the vegetable garden. Once the plant is established and happy in the garden, it will self-seed, providing new plants for your food garden every year. Gardeners use the nasturtium to ward off insects and boost their vegetable production. Nasturtium is a versatile addition to your garden and your kitchen. In the world of edible annual flowers, nasturtiums are one of the tastiest and easiest to grow. They look great in hanging baskets, sprawling on a bed like a ground cover, or cascading over the edge of a raised bed. Nasturtiums are one of my favorite edible flowers for growing to compliment the vegetable or herb garden. Troubleshooting. Take care to notice what plants are around the area as well, see the companion plant section below. If you’d like to try nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus), you can start with nursery transplants in the spring. Saving and Planting Nasturtium Seeds. You can also get a jump start on growing nasturtium plants by starting seeds indoors 4-6 weeks prior to the last frost and plant seedlings directly in the ground after hardening and after all danger of frost as passed. Trailing nasturtiums make great ground cover plants to keep weeds at bay. They also do a yeoman’s job of being a companion to other plants, and make an attractive addition to floral arrangements, with the flowers giving a light, fruity scent. The old-fashioned nasturtium (Tropaeolum minor) is a colorful annual with a sweet fragrance and peppery leaves. Using organic vegetable gardening methods are … Nasturtiums can be grown in the landscape or containers, and they make an ideal ground cover in areas with poor soil. The flowers are commonly shield shaped and the most common colors are red, orange, or yellow. Nasturtiums are notable because the entire plant is edible as well as beautiful. Your seeds should sprout within 7-14 days. Prune the nasturtium back once or twice during the growing season. In addition to livening up your herb garden, this bushy plant's edible flowers and leaves are high in vitamin C and add a spicy, peppery flavor to salads and stir-fries. Trailing Nasturtiums. Nasturtium blossoms, leaves and immature green seed pods are edible. Of these, nasturtiums and marigolds are my absolute favourite companion plants. It will help deal with aphids and other pests.. 5:31. What to Plant with Nasturtiums Nasturtiums come many colors and have two growing habits: bush and climbing. They’re also great for companion planting as a fantastic trap crop; the mustard oil they produce is adored by garden pests. Snip away the base of each blossom, which may taste bitter. The peppery taste spices up dishes and the attractive edible flower blossoms make any plate a show stopper.
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