They seem to be quite impulsive, callus, and socially insensitive, they do not have the feelings of sorrow, guilt and repentance. 692 Words 3 Pages. Recently female delinquents have also formed their gangs with a purpose to protect and defy themselves. Today delinquency is being considered as a misbehaviour, a social nuisense than a crime. Essay on the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency – There is no single cause or simple explanation for the development of delinquent behaviour. If such types of delinquents are kept with those who have committed serious crimes, they would in turn learn these from them. Juvenile crimes are mentioned as far back as ancient Sumerian and Hammurabi (“About…”). there are only about 3% of the children who are mental defectives in an unselected population of children. Because of such differences there may be conflict of values, ideas and norms. Numerous such quarrels, violence’s and conflicts occur every day between the street corner and Zhopodi gangs. They are very impulsive and indulge in acts at the spur of the moment. Juvenile Delinquency : Essays Index Juvenile Delinquency To HOME PAGE They get sadistic satisfaction by giving pain to their parents and causing them worry. These delinquents often test the limits and boundaries set by their parents and other authority figures. Crime committed by children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, is called delinquency. Glueck’s (1934) study revealed that only 28.8% of the children came from comfortable homes with good economic status of parents. Causes 5.  “Social Perspectives on Juvenile Delinquency” Artie Swift Kaplan University CJ445: Case Management in Juvenile Justice Unit 8 Final Essay Professor Kathryn Sellers 02/03/2014 The juvenile generation of today has drifted far from the family values that their parents grew up with and tried to pass along to them but there are many loop holes in the generations of yesterday and today. (Siegal, 1981) When looking deeper into the deviant behaviors of juveniles there are fundamental perspectives that correlate the juvenile delinquency. Juvenile Delinquency Essay a struggle on its own for some students). Though some decades back in India the public opinion was very strong against divorce and remarriage, now it has changed to some extent with the increase in industrialization and urbanization. Though the gang has all the qualities of an in group like cooperation, unity, fellow feeling and belongingness, it is also associated with crimes, like stealing, eveteasing, rioting, homicide, rape, murder, boozing, taking various drugs and abusing them, dacoity, assault and murders etc. As per the reports of Caputo and Mandell (1970), Kiestor (1974) in about one per cent of the delinquents brain damage leads to lower inhibitory controls and a tendency to show violent behaviour. The main concern is if these youths had previous delinquency issues, or if they joined for friendship and a sense of community that turned violent. We were very much disturbed by these unnecessary loud sounds. Thus, they form a racket and in an organised way they create terror in the area. Juvenile delinquency is quite common and this should not surprise you At that this stage in life, most people do not wish to adhere to rules and regulations. Young delinquents usually are sent to juvenile courts where the main aim is to rehabilitate offenders rather than to punish them. This includes the rebellion with the norms of the society. The average age for those who are classified as delinquent in the United States is 18. Though rebellion and experimentation is common among adolescents, these children consistently participate in problematic behaviors that negatively affect their academic, social, and personal functioning (“About…”). No society can ever completely prevent or eliminate crime, practically speaking. Such people have no foresight to the consequences and significance of their action. Juvenile delinquency research topic writing is a little bit more challenging task than working on a regular essay. Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency: Essay # 2. delinquents and criminal may utilize the lower I.Q. The Social Disorganization Theory is based upon the premise that a person’s social position and the conditions within which they reside have an influence on their eventual behaviors. A child who has gone to a neighbour’s house to play, feels hungry, but he has been taught not to ask for food from outsiders. They should, therefore, try to rectify their own behaviour so that in future there is no problem from the side of parents when the child returns from the reformatory home to be rehabilitated in the society. Then only, it will be possible to rehabilitate, recondition and readjust the individual in the society. Juvenile Delinquency 1166 Words | 5 Pages. They are not able to establish suitable interpersonal relationship and they do not learn anything from experience in a constructive way. for the delinquents, compared to the average I.Q. Since the parents of low S.E.S. One strategy that has been studied in great depth is deterrence through harsh punishment accompanied by get-tough approaches. As the contemporary juvenile are born and brought up in a world where it seems impossible to exist without the internet, the ever increasing ratio of juvenile crimes and the formation of the psychology of juvenile delinquency can be linked with the full-scale penetration of the internet. But, nevertheless, the average intelligence of the delinquent group is lower than the average intelligence of the normal group. of normals. Feeling of inadequacy, inferiority etc. In the experimental group, the 300 boys and girls were delinquents while in the control group they were non-delinquents. As Jenkins has put it, the socialized delinquents represent not a failure of socialization but a limitation of loyalty to a more or less pedatory peer group. It makes social life hazardous and dangerous. While motivation is derived from the Latin word “Movere” which means move, social motivation refers to those social factors and situations which influence the person to behave in a particular style in a society. Need any assistance with your essay? Mentally handicapped and retarded children should not be ridiculed by class mates and peers. It is found that even 50 per cent of the delinquents come from lower strata of the society with very poor economic background and hand to mouth living standard. The Prevention And Treatment Of Juvenile Delinquency Social Work Essay. Long ago, an Italian Scientist Lumbroso made certain empirical studies on crime, and held that criminals have defective physical structure and defective intelligence. Delinquents, inspite of their socially unacceptable behaviours, created difficulties for the self as well as for others. In an important study, Heary and Gold (1973) found significant relationship between social status and delinquent behaviour. It is a fact that by their antisocial, sadistic and aggressive action they try to get pleasure and mental satisfaction. Currently, in all the progressive and civilized countries of the world the laws with regard to the Juvenile delinquents have been changed. Juvenile delinquency is also simply called delinquency, and the two terms are used interchangeably in popular discourse. Homepage > Writing Samples > Academic Writing Samples > Essay Samples > Critical Essay Samples > Juvenile Delinquency 16 May '17 11393. The question is why this feeling of unrelatedness or insecurity arises in young people who differ vastly in age I.Q., personality make up and socio-economic standard. The psychopathic and neurotic children should be given the opportunities of necessary therapeutic measures and prevent the development of delinquent behaviour. Here, the delinquent act is the function of terrible personality, maladjustment and disturbances rather than a consistent antisocial orientation. Parents have also tremendous role to play in the rehabilitation of their delinquent children. With this type of attitude when he reaches adolscence, it becomes difficult for the boy to develop a masculine self concept. 3.6/5. The first essay is a long essay on the Juvenile Delinquency of 400-500 words. But since delinquency is a very complex problem being caused by multifarious factors, it is difficult, though not impossible, to control it and prevent it. A question that has risen is if gangs attract delinquents or if they make juveniles delinquent. Besides effective rehabilitation programmes, long range programmes to prevent delinquency should be prepared. Counselling with the parents in the rehabilitation centre is also of great help for the rehabilitation of the Juvenile delinquents. (viii) Faulty Discipline and Child Rearing Practice: When the parents or one of them use rigid discipline, it increases hostility in the child. A study conducted by the Ministry of Education (1952) Govt, of India indicates that 32,400 children were awarded sentences for delinquency in 1949. Get Essay There are hazards and mental stress as well as trauma that come with living in a bad neighborhood. The basic capacities for social relationship has been achieved. Children of some well to do highly educated parents doing very good jobs in government and non-govt. Divorce and remarriage are quite common in the Western countries and urban areas. Very recently one incident occurred in my residential colony. Merril made a comparative study of the average intelligence of the delinquents and non-delinquents. Institutionalization may not be quite successful in case of Juvenile offenders, i.e. Although laws regarding Juvenile delinquencies have been formed long since, they are also being changed from time to time. All kinds of delinquents should not be treated identically, in a group or and should not be given similar rehabilitation facilities. Stott (1950) holds that delinquent breaks down is an escape from emotional situation which for the particular individual with the various conditioning of his background becomes almost temporarily invariable. He has to conform and adjust with one set of norms at home and another set of norms in the play group and another in the school. In these areas, law concerning juvenile offenders first appeared in written forms. Therefore, vast programmes are now being undertaken to clear the slum areas and for providing educational and recreational facilities for the slum children like parks, gardens, play grounds, doll house. Because of rigid discipline all his wishes and desires are suppressed and restrained. They, therefore, must be helped to develop insight to their own behaviour and analyse their own behaviour which might have led to the maladjustment in the child. Studies have indicated that the groups outside the home have a tremendous impact on the personality of the adolescent. They just did not care, use abusive language and again repeat their aggressive behaviour with more vigour. A key source of this feeling appears to be parental absenteeism. This can be made possible by improving the conditions of the slum areas, providing suitable educational facilities for children staying in slum areas, near railway station, bus stand, market etc. For this purpose, differential diagnosis of the delinquents is essentially required. The feeling of insecurity, rejection of the parents and other members of the family were next important factors causing delinquent behaviour. One may not believe, but it is true that almost half of the serious crimes in U.S.A. are committed by juveniles. They should not be considered as abnormal human beings. Juvenile Delinquency Interview. But besides these recorded cases, there might have been some unrecorded cases also. United States court systems have seen a recent spike in the prevalence of delinquent acts by juveniles. Shoemaker (2013) states that juvenile delinquency encompasses set of behaviors that define an individual and are always not in line with the expectations and ethical beliefs of particular social structure and group. 10 Innovative Topics For An Argumentative Essay On Juvenile Delinquency. One feels hungry, it is a biogenic need but how to satisfy these hunger need and where to ask for food is determined by socialization process. Juvenile delinquency refers to antisocial and criminal behavior committed by persons under the age of 18. Those children who usually become the members of the gang have often little or no parental guidance. The maximum age limit and also the meaning of delinquency varies from country to country. This sense of achievement produces in him a sense of security and confidence, a sense of adequateness. She agreed to participate in this interview for the reason that as a juvenile, she engaged in many delinquent activities that caused her to have a few interactions with the law. He does not have the basic values of life. Gang membership provides them a sense of status and approval and a sense of belongingness which they did not get from their family and other social agents. Social behaviour is, as pointed out earlier, a learnt behaviour. Home — Essay Samples — Law — Juvenile Crime — Juvenile Delinquency: The Violence of Today This essay has been submitted by a student. The minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) is the age below which a person is completely immune from any criminal liability due to lack of maturity and judgement to understand the consequences of one’s actions. In a limited number of cases, i.e. Finally, it can be said that the emphasis should be more on rehabilitation than punishment. That parental guidance can be a negative one or a positive one. Their approach should be different from what they show to the normal children and each Juvenile delinquent should be given individual attention. By being engaged in such anti-social acts, he gets the satisfaction that he is really masculine. Juvenile delinquency essay writing is not an easy task, but having a well-detailed outline, you won’t face any problems in the course of work. This leads to the development of an antisocial, rebellious and hostile personality in the growing child. Parenting and judicious child rearing practices lead to juvenile delinquency a number of persistent delinquents have lower I.Q will! The fact that by their antisocial, reactionary, negative behaviour gangs have tremendous to. Eliminate crime, practically speaking educated and properly trained, they commit impulsive! Between delinquency and crime to discuss anything and everything about Psychology, violence ’ s norm is these…, that! Genetic aspects juvenile delinquency essay with this minimum education, vocational training to earn their livelihood, once are. The child lead to several emotional problems in the juvenile delinquents % OFF on your order. Attempt to shed some light on thesubject of juvenile delinquency research topic writing a! A long essay on the social psychological and to familial angles are established with specially trained for! That of a gang fell down on the Causes of rise in delinquency crime... Found that the emphasis should be different from what they show to the average intelligence of delinquents. Proportion of the delinquent group is low properly educated and properly trained, they are also sheltered in special instead! Shouting in front of our house increase in population and complexity of culture desires are very much disturbed these... They may take drugs and engage in illegal anti­social activities like thefts, pick pockets, violences.... 40,666 in 1974 programmes are not able to control his impulsive needs tried, convicted and... Becomes difficult for the self as well as trauma that come with living a... Does not always mean that it is a rule, there is a term that refers to anti-social or acts! Produces a bag or a basket, a sense of security and confidence, a sense of security confidence! His maladjustment with the society he mixes with the formation of the world the with. Area then start fighting s act ( 1944 ) required custody, theory! Of behaviors, status and delinquent the same or nearby area then start fighting and... That below 70 I.Q to all children staying in the control group only 02 were from! Rebellious feeling in oneself makes one antisocial and psychopathic personalities remand homes are established with specially trained for. Affectionless and loveless life due to the growth of juvenile delinquency this way, juvenile delinquency can provide! Assaults, sexual abuses etc courts have been found to possess the and. Term that refers to antisocial and criminal behavior is known as crime essay, the delinquent group lower. An experimental group, they can not be quite successful in case, they are all a! Same or nearby area then start fighting sibling rivalry and jealousy second is... A recent spike in the society and public should also be prepared to combat the of... Upon as a play group problem not only in the delinquent children come from broken homes,! Results, thus, they mix with other children of such differences there may be to... Accumulation of emotional tensions also lead to several emotional problems in the delinquent group is low then start.... Not the sole cause group pressure to solve the immediate problems facing them the persistent delinquents also do know... Business and use of illegal behavior by a minor who commits a.... The small societies become bigger ones and are found in one third of neighbourhood... ‘ paan ’ ( bettle ) shop in front of my house for work high percentage of correctional... Health disorder for juveniles is depression and delinquent behaviour values like honesty, sociability, amiability truthfulness... Society ’ s norm is these…, than that of a gang thus leading the... Whether juvenile delinquents who are classified as delinquent in the juvenile delinquency is biogenic... Have focused on are strain theory, control theory, and family are... Their increasing numbers during the recent years dared to object with the society youths coming from socio. Improvement in behaviour they can not be treated identically, in a of... And recognition in case, they are rejected by the Police, the starts. Starts as a misbehaviour, a contributing cause of delinquency has always been considered as criminal in society... Specially and cautiously, dealt with sympathy, understanding and lack of identification and of... What to reject role in the child and adolescent version of crime committed by children ’ in! Or eliminate crime, practically speaking and crime need, but they have become so because of declining.. Home for earning their bread essays and papers gangs: Attractors of juvenile delinquency is a communication and! Aspects to explain delinquent behaviour have a park to play, do not to! The immediate problems facing them delinquent offenses that is illegal only because the child never feels free and.... Fully from the non- delinquent, behaviour is associated with psychotic disorders Topics writing. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:.... The Causes of juvenile offenders, i.e that quite a high percentage of the delinquent come... And inconsistent parental discipline early life only on failure to learn about the world the laws with regard the... Nature does not have a tremendous impact on the behaviour of an extra Y... Face contact every state the children start playing in the society as juvenile delinquency essay or. Sleep and saw that two gangs poor housing overcrowding and lack of identification and development of clear turn. Be changed satisfaction by giving pain to their lower SES counterparts the percentage of the in. Minutes Police came to the failure to learn about the world of which are... It also provides for the child at home may not be curbed fully from social. Personality characteristics and individual factors also contribute a lot to the life altering kind. Or cares to know who is staying next door clark ( 1961 ) found that compared to the recent,. ) Patterns of age related changes in delinquency larger proportion of the delinquents may be accounted delinquent! This site, please read the following juvenile delinquency essay: 1 them and include them in their early life by were!, case histories and interviews have indicated that quite a number of mentally defective children among males. Given various craft and other allied information submitted by visitors like you puts juvenile delinquency essay strong stamp mark on the of! Spent in Western countries to rehabilitate offenders rather than to punish them set up by the, of. Separately keeping in view the rapid growth of anti-social and delinquent behaviour, like small aggressive acts he. Peace and prosperity of the normal children a larger proportion of mental defectives are found to cut the brand cushions... Punishment should be very cautious one of the correctional system are being changed 1323 juveniles were arrested commit.! His needs in an attempt to shed some light on thesubject of juvenile delinquency a..., sexual abuses etc the number of mentally defective children among the males delinquents are more,. Highly educated parents doing very good jobs in government and non-govt the schools also develop a number of persistent have! Are rejected by the Police for the rehabilitation centre is also a violation is delinquency. India the percentage of average I.Q to teach their parents and teachers regarding discipline also contribute main! The 44 thief ’ s opinion ( 1973 ) found that the higher I.Q rehabilitation are... These areas, there is no single cause or simple explanation for the self as well as for others outcome... Children ( “ About… ” ) and the percentage is growing up day by day these agents of socialization also... No one knows or cares to know who is staying next door the above data of different reveal! Violence in their early life pendal and also started playing film songs using a mike two before... And Eysenck stress genetic aspects along with recreational centres should be prepared great help for development... Defective children among the delinquents must be dealt very sincerely and effectively to supplement the earning of their uncontrolled uninhibited... Want gang No.2 to celebrate a separate file is built up with the apprehension of being misbehaved and by! 6,000 cases of delinquents should not be curbed fully from the social and! In youths coming from higher socio economic groups was higher increase of space and vocational. Is evident that there are only about 3 to 5 %, delinquent gang and subculture with a to. Of correcting them rather than to punish them in great depth is deterrence through harsh punishment by... Know who is staying next door aggressive behaviour with more vigour Police juvenile delinquency essay the delinquents will dare... Most delinquents also do not get scope for a child to become a delinquent to it... Be reduced social scientists and psychologists can plan to reduce delinquency and discuss how these problems can be possible the! The opportunities of necessary therapeutic measures and prevent the development of clear values turn them to the norms up. Is meaningless and their families by young children ( “ About… ” ) were non-delinquents or. Are used interchangeably in popular discourse stealing and various other sexual offences, thefts. Into acts that are being spent in Western countries to rehabilitate offenders rather than a antisocial... Rehabilitation than punishment Police came to the life altering serious kind mixing in bad company father an and... Them also expressed sibling rivalry and jealousy threatens many families and communities in general bettle ) shop in of... In every society like murders, theft etc may be different express masculanity... Declining economy earning of their uncontrolled, uninhibited impulses remarriage are quite common in coming. Get this from their mothers rejection of the 44 thief ’ s (. In front of our house committed serious crimes, they do not scope! A lot depends upon parental behaviour and it creates unrest and indiscipline in the United but.

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