Be the first to rate this post. The Kentucky pro says that the bladed jig, like the Strike King Pure Poison that he relies on, shines in clear-water situations where emergent vegetation is present. What it … Miles "Sonar" Burghoff discusses the differences between Chatterbaits and Swim Jigs, and the situations each of them excel. March 3, 2011. In fact, they are often referred to as bladed swim jigs. We hope you learned some tips and tricks for bass fishing a spinnerbait vs a chatterbait, and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more from knowledgeable anglers like Ben! Its most prominent feature is a wire frame that is bent roughly 90 degrees and embedded at its base in a bullet-, cone-, or arrowhead-shaped lead body with a single hook behind it. "Sometimes the blade will get lodged in the mouth of the bass and, when the hook is set, it will pop open the bass' mouth. Blades and Bass Union Jigs on Clear Lake VIDEO. For fishermen across the country, BOOYAH is more than the ultimate lure, it’s a jacked-up attitude that dares bass and bass fishermen to bring it with all they’ve got. No votes so far! Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits are two of the most popular moving baits for bass angler's across the country. Colorado blades pack a bit more punch in the “thump” department. If the water’s dirty or if there’s a lot of cloud cover and wind, I’ll toss the bladed model first. Hours. Menendez says that when fished over subsurface grass, the bladed jig has the ability to draw fish from the grass that notice the vibration of the bait as it passes over. Twenty years ago, there wasn't much of a debate over when the best time to use a spinnerbait was. Many anglers know the basics about spinnerbaits, but most don't know what really makes one spinnerbait more effective than another. Elite punchbait logic. A nice bass on a 5-inch Megabass Spark Shad swimbait on a 1/2 ounce BOSS Swimhead / Jason Sealock While there are a wide variety of swimbaits available to anglers, much the same as there are a wide variety of jigs for anglers, I'm just talking basically about soft swimbaits for now.. When fishing windy points or windy banks, Menendez favors a double willow leaf spinnerbait with a skirt in a natural baitfish color. • Compact design: Martin opts for a compact spinnerbait and steers clear of those with long, flimsy arms. As the bladed jig became popular, he has found that there is a time and place for both. They also come dressed in a skirt, which Ben prefers to be in a baitfish profile. The chatterbait is an absolute killer in and around the grass. Kelley Jaye explains how he changes the action of his jerkbait and improves landing percentage by changing treble hooks based on what species he's targeting. That’s when the spinnerbait is still really effective. Which are you going to bust out, how are you going to trail them, and when should you throw each bait? Twenty years ago, there wasn't much of a debate over when the best time to use a spinnerbait was. A spinnerbait comes with a lead head attached to 1 or 2 blades, usually either willow or Colorado style. The quick, constant churn of the blade on a chatterbait causes more of a humming vibration beneath the water, instead of the thumping boom of a spinnerbait. Swim Jigs VIDEO. We are a Texas-based lure manufacturer striving to provide the best … 4/10/2020 When should you throw a swim jig or a spinnerbait? But both techniques in my opinion are complete opposite. Invented in 1951 and first manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, the "safety-pin" or overhead blade style spinnerbait is probably the most popular spinnerbait design among bass, northern pike, and redfish anglers. If the conditions were overcast, the water was stained or there was a stiff breeze, the spinnerbait got the nod. He throws them on a 7-foot, 2-inch, medium-heavy rod. Swim Bait? Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed Curbside Pickup: Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm PST Sun: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110 Phone Hours: Monday - Friday 5am - 6pm PT Sat - Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm PT Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. Rattlin' Jigs. Bladed jigs are fished the same way you would fish a swim jig. Weidler's swim jig sensibility . He also recommends adding a trailer hook to avoid missing bites! If the conditions were overcast, the water was stained or there was a stiff breeze, the spinnerbait got the nod. If you like to throw a spinnerbait, swimbait or bladed jig, the swim jig is something you need … Trending. On the other hand, if the water’s clear or the bites a little tough under a bright sun, I’ll often try something a little more subtle — a standard swim jig. I think simultaneously several guys were figuring it out and making jigs specifically designed for this technique to get better hook ups. Cover optional for swim jigs. Read More; Elite punchbait logic. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Bassmaster College Series 2021 regular-season stops announced, Tackle Tip Tuesday: Changing jerkbait hooks. In this video, Jason talks about an example scenario of getting 3-5 time the bites on a bladed jig over a spinnerbait, but there are certainly times that the reverse is true. Boyd’s spinnerbait tactics are featured in the Spring 2019 issue of FLW Bass Fishing magazine. Several folks have laid claim to creating the swim jig or the swim jig technique. Bladed jig vs. spinnerbait. They are kind of like a mixture of a swim jig, a crankbait, and a spinnerbait all in one bait. While Kriet's favorite time to swim a jig is during the post-spawn, he acknowledges that on lakes with heavy vegetation, swimming a jig can also be a valuable early spring tactic to try in place of ripping a lipless crankbait or spinnerbait over the greenery. It also has a lot of vibration. "The spinnerbait and the bladed jig are both a tool that I have in my tacklebox," he says. By reaching for a Pure Poison in clear-water situations, Menendez still has the benefits of flash and vibration but is able to present it in a much less intimidating fashion. Martin prefers 1/2 or 5/8 ounce. But I think there are times when the water gets really clear and a swimbait can really fool the fish better than a spinnerbait. Here’s his advice on choosing and using swim jigs in flooded woody cover. Texas Finesse Jigs. Whether you are fishing seawalls, rip rap, or a laydown, if the wind is blowing into it, a spinnerbait is tough to beat. I use a swim bait more pre spawn and fall. Selecting the right fishing lure can be tricky and sometimes over hyped marketing is misleading. Bladed jigs work best in stained to murky water so you can use the lure with 50- to 65-pound braided line, which comes in handy when you have to rip the lure through the weeds. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! Regardless of whether he's throwing a bladed jig or a spinnerbait, Menendez stresses the importance of using a trailer hook, but says that it's critical to use one with a bladed jig. I will throw I swim bait on a windy point or deeper through a big school of Shad. One on side of the wire there is a jig head and a trailing skirt. Pro Angler Jason Christie sits down and discusses the differences between the two. The answer is really, "When the conditions dictate one over the other". 10 Record-Setting Fish Caught In Utah This Season, 4 Tips To Prevent Your Feet From Freezing This Winter, Everything You Want To Know About The 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm, How The Army Uses Christmas Trees To Make Fishing Better, 10 Fishing Tips That Will Help You Catch A New Personal Best Bass. Key spinnerbait features for waking • Size: Heavy spinnerbaits can be cast farther. I use a bladed jig when I want to make sure my fish can see and feel my bait. Allow Ben Milliken to break down the differences and similarities for you here! Worming/Finesse on Baitcaster OR Spinning Reel...-10 to 20 lb Braided Line-6 to 10 lb Mono Leader Elite Series pro Mark Menendez has relied on a spinnerbait over the course of his career to put bass in the boat on a consistent basis. But, if you want to increase your odds of getting bit use a jig designed as a swim jig. Boyd uses two swim jig variations in 3/8 or 1/2 ounce. The overwhelming size of swim jig fished is 1/4 ounce though they come as small as 1/8 ounce for very shallow water and can be found as large as 7/8 ounce for deeper water. Posted By: Shane Beilue Re: Swim Jig vs. The spinnerbait also gets the nod in muddy water, where the bulk and flash of the blades create a larger profile which is easier for the bass to find and eat. Chris McCall's Rayburn Swim Jig. Lots of bites come soon as you start swimming it again. The Abu Garcia Revo Premier Generation 3 reels with the appropriate gear ratio will do you a good job in this class. Spinnerbaits vs. asks Menendez. Chatterbaits come with a split-ring attached single blade, directly fused to the head. Mark Menendez discusses when to use spinnerbait vs. a bladed jig. And like those three lures, bladed jigs are power fishing lures. You roll up to the lake, see some shallow water, some wood cover, maybe a nice stretch of docks in muddy water. I’ve experimented with a lot of trailers, and the tail kick plus the body shake on this swimbait makes a swim jig look even more incredible in the water. Throw your bladed jig on a 7-foot medium-heavy or heavy action casting rod and a high speed baitcast reel (6.3:1 to 8:1.1 gear ratio). One the other side there is a spinning blade or often multiple blades. ... Weidler's swim jig sensibility . The reason for this is that when a soft plastic bait is thrown to a spot, the bait usually stays in that spot for a few seconds, gets moved slightly, and then gets reeled in to be casted again. It is an incredibly effective technique that many anglers use far too rarely or for some, never at all. Santone Lures are Made in the USA! Whether you’re competing in a top-level bass tournament or just fishing with a buddy, BOOYAH has your back with best-quality jigs, rigs, spinnerbaits and hollow body frogs. Gross takes the gold at Eufaula. Abu Garcia REVO Premier Generation. However, with the increasing popularity of bladed vibrating jigs like the ChatterBait, Strike King Pure Poison, Booyah Boogee Bait and others, bass anglers are now faced with a dilemma — should you throw a bladed jig or a spinnerbait? "Clear water is really where the differences between the spinnerbait and the bladed jig come into play," he explains. How: The ultimate in versatility, there are almost as many ways to fish a swim jig as there are places to throw one. "I love a swim jig around stumps or transition areas where a creek channel winds through a flat or maybe comes in close to the bank," Niggemeyer said. Bassmaster LIVE. Mark Menendez - Spinnerbait vs. Bladed Jig. "The more compact the bait, the better it will cut the wind and the longer casts you can make," he says. The quick, constant churn of the blade on a chatterbait causes more of a humming vibration beneath the water, instead of the thumping boom of a spinnerbait. "When fishing clear water, sometimes a spinnerbait can present an overpowering profile." They’re tough. Swim jigs are effective pretty much all year in some parts of the country, as long as the water temperatures are in the upper 40’s or warmer, you can probably find a bass that will bite a swim jig. Spinnerbait vs chatterbait. The ideal conditions to throw a spinnerbait are muddier water with wind blowing into it. The prespawn stage where chatterbaits can come through the grass more easily than a lipless is a dream come true for chatterbait lovers. With a trailer hook, you'll land a lot more fish on a bladed jig. Good swim jig areas don't only involve swimming it over grass. Spinnerbait - A spinnerbait has a bent wire construction at 90 degrees. In those times when it’s a toss-up between the spinnerbait and the swimbait, I’d probably lean toward the swimbait because it’s still kind of new to me. The blades are free to spin fully around the wire and … Swim Jigs, Chatterbaits, and Spinnerbaits...-40 to 65 lb Braided Line-15 to 25 Lb Monofilament Leader-15-25 Lb Flurocarbon Main Line. They’ll do a little of everything but really they’re made for things like normal spinnerbait presentations, swim jig applications and speed worming techniques. Matt Pangrac. Football Jigs. Those that do win a lot of money and catch a lot of bass on spinnerbaits. Terminal Tackle.
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