On refrigerators with only one evaporator, the evaporator is located in the freezer compartment. The Covered Models are the following LG Refrigerator models, with serial number range 401***** to 712*****. If you do not have an extended warranty and cannot locate a nearby repair service provider, please call us at 800-243-0000. I have photos of the water leaking out of the ice maker on the door as well.” I bought my French door LG refrigerator in Jan 2018. About two weeks, I just took of the rear cover - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician Be sure the fridge is plugged in and getting power. Whether it's your LG bottom-freezer refrigerator, side-by-side refrigerator or French-door refrigerator, we'll give you practical, clear steps to get your fridge back to being the kitchen appliance you rely on. For some recent models, the tank capacity is 350cc (11.83 fl oz). Five days later I am without a refrigerator and freezer again and have lost $200 -$250 in groceries. You are a Settlement Class Member if you are a U.S. resident and purchased from an authorized retailer (other than for resale) a Covered Model of LG Refrigerator manufactured between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2017. The temp is set for 40 degrees-frig/zero degrees freezer, but … These boards are often misdiagnosed. They dissipate heat as refrigerant passes through them. LG Refrigerator - Not cooling - Diagnostic & Repair - YouTube Cause 2. If the start relay is defective, the compressor may run intermittently or not at all, and the refrigerator will not get cold enough. Start Relay Failure. Some refrigerators have more than one evaporator fan motor. The unit will require some time to cool down the hot food and regulate its internal temperature. who and where I c … October 7 Also, just a few items in the refrigerator can cause cooling to be obstructed because the unit will always try to regulate itself when it's circulating too much cold air. Please visit our Request a Repair page to schedule a repair service. LG provides authorized repair service centers all across the nation that can repair your unit. Power outage has caused the refrigerator circuit breaker to trip. From what I read online, LG has issues with the compressor in their refrigerators. If it's faulty, replace it. We can help. The breaker is … If your refrigerator has stopped cooling entirely and you hear a clicking sound every two to five minutes, then your compressor is not turning on. I can hear the compressor working, and both evaporator fans are working and air is flowing into the refrigerator, but it's just not cooling … When the door is not properly sealing, cold air will escape from the door seal which will prevent the unit from cooling efficiently. For older models, the capacity is 220cc unless the model is an LSC (side-by-side) model which is 500cc. The company, National Platinum Service, replaced the compressor and filter. There may be more than one evaporator fan motor(s) depending on the model and evaporator locations. Looking up my original purchase receipt from 2016, I discovered that I had purchased the five-year coverage plan through Lowe's, and had the LG process not worked so smoothly, I would have engaged that option. LG refrig been diagnosed with sealed unit failure, fan still running but not cooling . The unit must not be too close to the wall, make sure there is enough clearance on all sides of the unit. If the door seals are damaged, the unit will require repair service. Because life waits for no one, at LG USA we create consumer electronics, appliances and mobile devices that are designed to help you connect with those who matter most. I opened the freezer door on the refrigerator and found it … Refrigerator Door Was Left Open – Now Fridge Will Not Cool Read More » 37 DEGREES is the recommended temperature for the refrigerator and 0 DEGREES for the freezer. If you keep hearing the door alarm sound, even when the door is closed. LG recommends 37 degrees for the refrigerator and 0 degrees for the freezer. LG Fridge lfxs30766s not cooling after coil cleaning I have the lfxs30766s model and the freezer and fridge are not cooling. It is connected to the control board. About 3 days ago I noticed some ice cream was really soft and the refrigerator was also not it's normal temp. I have a LG LSXS26326S refrigerator that has quit cooling, the compressor is running but condenser is room temperature and the coils are the same temperature, not hot or cold.Freezer side is … If you're having LG refrigerator problems, you've come to the right place. Follow the steps below to check the door switch connection. I found it while trying to find out what to do with my refrigerator not working. Check the condenser coils to determine if they are dirty—if the condenser coils are dirty, clean them. What seems to be the problem? The Covered Models are the following LG Refrigerator models, with serial number range 401***** to 712*****. I closed the refrigerator door for a few hours and the refrigerator section is still not cooling. This does not seem to be a fan or ice problem (there is no ice). If the evaporator fan is not working, it will not circulate the cold air to the refrigerator compartment. Learn how to use, update, maintain and troubleshoot your LG devices and appliances. As debris builds up on the coils, the refrigerator becomes less efficient, causing the refrigerator to work harder to cool down. Next, the start relay may be faulty. LG Electronics has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging a defect is causing the fridges to stop cooling, sometimes within only a few years of use. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: Adjust the setting to lower the temperature. You can still get a repair service even though you are out of warranty. The fan runs. At Repair Clinic, we help you with your refrigerator repair so you can save time, money and frustration. My LG model 795.7103 is 6 years old, and was working perfectly until 4 days ago. If you notice that your control panel is displaying the letters O F F, refer to our video on disabling the display mode for more details. Please leave him feedback below about the page. There are several possible causes when a refrigerator doesn’t keep your milk cold or your ice cream frozen. Please visit our Request a Repair page. Finally, sour food in the freezer may also be due to odd of the frost cycle. Every refrigerator has a set of coils called and evaporator. If you're having LG refrigerator problems, you've come to the right place. The condenser fan motor is located underneath the refrigerator near the back. The freezer is ok. Accessibility, Cause 5: Temperature Control Thermostat Failure, Cause 8: Temperature Control Board Failure, Questions other people have asked about this, New LG refrigerator and it has stopped cooling after hurrican, LG Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly, Fridge and Freezer both, LG in-door icemaker won't dump ice into the bin. As the coils get dirtier, the refrigerator becomes less efficient, forcing it to work harder to cool down. We apologize for this inconvenience. Anyways the fridge is less than 5 years old so that was still covered under warranty, so they come and replace it for free, which is cool and all, but now it’s not working again. A successful class action lawsuit could help people get back … Designed with you in mind, LG products offer innovative solutions to make life good. If additional cooling is required, start by lowering the temperature a few degrees to achieve your desired temperature. Thus, cold air will not blow in the unit, and the unit will not get cold. Common solutions for: LG Refrigerator freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm 01 - The Evaporator Coils are Frosted Over The defrost heater assembly turns on a few times throughout the day to melt away any frost that may have accumulated on the evaporator coils. When there is too much food blocking the air vents of the refrigerator, cold air will be prevented from circulating throughout the unit properly. “You will have no difficulties Googling this issue with LG refrigerators. Next, the start relay may be faulty. Adding hot food to the refrigerator compartment will temporarily spread heat throughout the unit. I have an LG LMX25964ST00. This was all covered under the newly-announced (in March 2019) LG refrigerator cooling system warranty extension from one year to five years. But because it was a Kenmore and not an LG refrigerator, LG would not honor any class actions on … Make sure the cooling vents are clear and free from any obstructions. can you tell me what wrong with it ?. Whether that means cooking a nutritious, delicious meal for your family, staying connected on-the-go, sharing your favorite photos, watching a movie with your kids or creating a clean, comfortable place to celebrate the moments that matter, we'll be there for you every step of the way. Please enable JavaScript to ensure you get the most out of the LG site, products, and services. LG Refrigerator is Not Cooling One of the most common issues with the refrigerators is that they do not cool properly, or at all. If your LG refrigerator won’t stay cool despite being plugged in, here are a few things to check. Now - in March 2018 it is no longer cooling. When the freezer section is not cooling enough, ensure the freezer door is not always opened too frequently. If the refrigerator is not cold enough, the compressor itself might be defective. LG recommends 37 degrees for the refrigerator and 0 degrees for the freezer. Last week, LG settled a class-action lawsuit alleging its refrigerators stopped cooling due to compressor-related problems. Re-arrange the food to make sure that it's not blocking the vents. All Rights Reserved, Privacy Portal - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Hi, I have the LG refrigerator model LMXS30776/01, it running but not cooling enough ( 55 and 15 F ). I have unplugged and plugged the unit back in with 33F temp for fridge and -4F temp for Freezer with the Ice Plus ON as recommended by LG and it didn’t work. A relatively new fridge on which the door seals are still … I have an LG refrigerator. My compressor has failed and the fridge is not cooling properly. When I touch it I feel a little bit of vibration but it doesn't sound like it is on. This is not common. If the start capacitor is burned out, the compressor might not be able to start and run as often as it should. LG refrigerator not cooling and compressor is running. Replacement of LG Refrigerator. LG units have water reservoirs that vary in capacity according to the style of refrigerator. Not Cold Enough - Refrigerator Check to see that your refrigerator is set to its optimal setting. If the fan isn’t working, no cold air will get to the refrigerator compartment. Your LG refrigerator is equipped with a DEMO MODE or DISPLAY MODE. Poor circulation can prevent proper cooling of your LG refrigerator. The key to the LG refrigerator cooling system is the circulation of … Each time the doors open, cold air escapes and warm air enters the unit. If the thermometer measures the temperature more than 4°F warmer than the set temperature, this is a normal operation. I expect the quality to match the price I paid, however that is not the case. Anytime your LG fridge is not cooling, it can be a frustrating experience. Fully push the freezer doors closed to correct any misalignments, and check for any gaps when it is closed. “Ultimately, we paid $2,243 (not including tax) for a beautiful piece of junk, one that LG is fully aware has long-standing issues,” Langmade wrote on Oct. 26. If the condenser fan motor is not working properly, the refrigerator won’t cool properly. (1) Condenser Coil Issue. When Gary noticed his LG refrigerator not cooling in December 2018, he says a Sears repair technician determined the refrigerator’s compressor to be the problem. Need to setup repair for your appliance or other refrigerator? There are several other components which are more likely to be defective if the compressor doesn't work, so check the above issues first. Having an issue with my 3 year old LG refrigerator/freezer. If your refrigerator seems to be running but not cooling at all, most likely LG famous linear technology compressor is shot or there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in a sealed system (compressor, evaporator, condenser). LG.com utilizes responsive design to provide a convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. Problem: Fridge Not Cooling. We purchased this refrigerator on June 6, 2018 from Home Depot. The start relay is a small device mounted to … The appliances of the famous Korean manufacturer LG are con-sidered to be one of the most reliable, but can still face the same problem. If the evaporator fan is not working, it will not circulate the cold air to the refrigerator compartment. There are several possible causes when a refrigerator doesn’t keep your milk cold or your ice cream frozen. Watch the video below to understand how the unit multi air flow and multi-sensors work. Sometimes if the refrigerator isn't cold enough, the compressor might be having difficulty starting up. If you notice that your ice cream or frozen pizza is soft, or your milk in the refrigerator is warmer than usual, please follow these instructions to troubleshoot your LG refrigerator. Watch the video below and follow the recommended steps underneath to troubleshoot cooling issues. If the mullion is not working properly, you will need to adjust the leveling of the door. Top space around cabinet and wall: At least 1-2". How to reset your LG fridge and run diagnostics with a test button on the PCB board. If you feel that your refrigerator is not cooling at all, make sure that the unit is not in display or demo mode. Try these fixes first. The condenser coils are usually located under the refrigerator. As the coils get dirtier the refrigerator becomes less efficient, which makes it work harder to cool down. Condenser fan motor not working. So, what can you do if your LG refrigerator is not working? Stopped all cooling Dec 21st 2020. If your LG fridge is still under warranty, your first step is always to call a repairperson. The condenser fan motor draws air over the condenser coils to cool them. Another problem that prevents your fridge from getting cold enough is a faulty thermistor. Had a repair man come service it and was informed that the LG Compressor has gone bad. It means the door switch did not detect the door closing. Avoid frequent and unnecessary opening of the door to enable the unit to conserve cold air circulation throughout the unit. Determine whether the refrigerator is level. How Can a Class Action Help? At Repair Clinic, we help you with your refrigerator repair so you can save time, money and frustration. When the freezer section is not cooling enough, ensure the freezer door is not always opened too frequently. LG recommends 37 degrees for the refrigerator and 0 degrees for the freezer. Breaker Has Tripped. If the lights DO NOT turn off, the door switch may be disconnected. Try using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean the condenser cover and vents. If the coils are clean and the fridge still isn’t cold enough, the evaporator fan motor might have failed. Push in the door switch to see if the lights turn off. The compressor was replaced 5 days ago on Friday 1/4/2019. Hi there ,A LG Refrigerator Model :LFXS28968S bottom freezer, freezer not cooling, Pushed test Button the second time , showing 22 on panel, replaced a overload protector , still the same code and problem, compressor sounds running Fine, condenser Coil feels a bit … If the refrigerator still does not get cold enough, the temperature control thermostat might be faulty. If the compressor itself is defective, a licensed professional will need to replace it. My LG 3-door refrigerator that cost $3,192.00 plus tax and delivery - sold to me separately from an LG stove and an LG dishwasher also purchased at the same time from Home Depot - was less than 6 years old when it completely stopped cooling in late 2017. In July 2019, the refrigerator stopped cooling. The condenser fan motor draws air though the condenser coils and over the compressor. If you see any obstructions, re-organize the items to ensure good airflow. The evaporator in the freezer is warm and not getting cold. The condenser coil is the part of the LG refrigerators at the back that looks like a coiled pipe. Check all other components to be certain this is the cause of the problem. The thermistor is a sensor which monitors the air temperature. When DEMO MODE is activated, OF F will appear on the control panel. BELOW RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: You do NOT need to adjust the temperature. If your unit has two doors, repeat the steps for the LEFT door, using the switch to test if the lights turn off. If the cooling system fans and compressor are running, but the refrigerator or freezer is not cooling correctly, check for an airflow or defrost system problem. Test the start capacitor first with a capacitance meter; they don't fail often. The panic of wondering how long you have before you have to throw your food out is enough to drive most people insane. The freezer may still get cold. Check the defrost system, cooling fans, and cooling controls first. Both the refrigerator/freezer have been working fine, cooling and freezing properly until yesterday it quit doing both. This feature disables all cooling in the refrigerator and freezer sections to conserve energy while on display in a retail store. Why is my refrigerator not cooling enough? to (How convenient, right after the one year warranty expired) I called LG and they sent an authorized repair company to my house within two weeks. This problem occurs when the condenser coil of the fridge is dirty. Not Cooling - Refrigerator. JavaScript appears to be disabled in your browser. If the refrigerator is not cold enough the condenser coils may be dirty. For the start relay, which is fixed to the control board, remove it and shake it. Check to see that the unit is set to its optimal setting. So last week the repair guy from LG came and replaced the compressor and the dryer valve? 37 DEGREES is the recommended temperature for the refrigerator and 0 DEGREES for the freezer. It took three visits from multiple repair people to fix and replace the compressor, leaving him without a working refrigerator for a month, according to the lawsuit. After holding the buttons for five seconds, the control panel will beep, and the temperature settings will display to confirm that DEMO MODE is deactivated. They dissipate heat as refrigerant passes through them. Before you attempt more complex repairs, try these simple fixes if your refrigerator is not cooling and if your freezer is not working:. If you're having LG refrigerator problems, you've come to the right place. It provides power to the run winding, along with the start winding, for a split second at startup to help get the compressor going. The start capacitor serves as a battery to give the compressor a little boost during startup. On refrigerators with only one evaporator, the evaporator is located in the freezer compartment. Why is My LG Refrigerator Not Cooling? Checking the Easy Stuff First. If you have done everything above the the unit is still not cooling, then you may need to request a repair.
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