Last June, Grandon joined his new parish, the Church of the Risen Christ. In most Orthodox traditions and in some Eastern Catholic Churches men who are already married may be ordained priests, but priests may not marry after ordination. Because the trend was to celebrate the Eucharist more and more often, sometimes even daily, priests were pressured to be celibate just to fulfill their basic religious functions—and eventually, they were prohibited from ever having sex with their wives. Here at St. Rita we just get on with it. But there are exceptions to the rule of celibacy. "It's people like you who are interested in married priests. But for example, in Eastern Rite churches like the Byzantine Rite, married men can be ordained to the Priesthood. In 1139, the Second Lateran Council officially imposed mandatory celibacy on all priests. One of those traditions is allowing priests to marry. "When they heard about a married priest with a wife and six kids coming, one lady said to me, 'Well, I'll never go to confessional to him. The Council of Trent, called to combat the challenges posed by the Protestant Reformation, made an interesting statement about the church's position on family values: If anyone says that it is not better and more godly to live in virginity or in the unmarried state than to marry, let him be anathema. This exception to the celibacy rule was created on July 22, 1980. Pretending that human rules are God's rules helps prevent them from changing or being questioned. “It’s people like you who are interested in married priests. Pastors can marry. It's implausible that unmarried followers could not be found, so it's implausible that celibacy was even preferred, much less required. Another factor in the push for clerical celibacy was the problematic relationship the Catholic Church had with real estate and inherited land. Opposition to ending the requirement of celibacy for Catholic priests is strong—but isn't it strange that, despite this requirement, there are so many married Catholic priests who seem to be doing as good a job as unmarried priests? They can be married, and indeed, most Orthodox priests are. Priests and bishops were not just religious leaders, they also had political power based on the land they controlled. The doctrine of sexual abstinence, supposedly designed to increase priests' purity against the impurity of filthy women, is inseparable from the political and worldly concerns of Christianity at a particular time and place in history. If he wishes to have a family life, he must get hitched before he is ordained to the deaconate, the penultimate step before becoming a priest. In effect, then, greater control over Catholic believers is maintained in part by ensuring that information which might cause them to question the decisions of the hierarchy is not publicized too widely. Of one thing we are clear—the first Pope, Peter, was married. But a priest can’t marry while a priest. Why Can’t Catholic Priests Get Married? Contrary to what many defenders might say, there is nothing whatsoever about the nature of the priesthood which makes celibacy necessary or essential, and the Vatican has admitted this. Yes. These churches are under the jurisdiction of the Vatican and they recognize the authority of the pope; however, their practices and traditions are much closer to those of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. "Having married priests like us in the Latin rite allows them to look and see how it would work, if they wanted to change it," Grandon said. So to get back to the question at hand, can a married man receive a dispensation and be validly ordained a Catholic priest? There are many beautiful places where a couple may want to celebrate their wedding. Because don't you know that husbands tell their wives everything? Married clergy is one point of difference between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Banning such clandestine marriages effectively eliminated marriage for the clergy. Making celibacy a religious obligation was also the best way to ensure that the clergy obeyed. Pope Benedict XVI certainly didn't shift into a more liberal direction. In regards to celibacy of church leaders, in 1 Corinthians chapter 7, the apostle Paul teaches, “An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord’s affairs — how he can please the Lord. The final blow against priests' ability to marry came through a technicality at the Council of Trent (1545-1563). It is also possible for married Anglican clergy that convert to the Roman Catholic Church to also be ordained as Catholic priests. Bishop Barron on Priestly Celibacy ", "The idea with celibacy is you're single-minded, you're single-hearted," Beck said. Marriage must precede ordination. Roman Catholic priests cannot get married, with exceptions. Clerical marriage is a term used to describe the practice of allowing Christian clergy (those who have already been ordained) to marry. Thus, a current Catholic priest who wants to get married must choose between marriage and the priesthood (even though celibacy isn't an essential feature of being a priest), while a married Lutheran priest can apply to become a Catholic priest and keep his wife—he doesn't have to choose. Why are they married? It took five years of schooling and a blessing from Pope Benedict to make Grandon one of 77 priests in the US who have converted allegiance to the Vatican. Because of the doctrine that sexual intercourse with a woman makes a man unclean, married priests were prohibited from celebrating the Eucharist for a full day after sex with their wives. If such a priest decides that he would be better off within Catholicism, he can apply to a local bishop who then submits a special application to the pope, with decisions being made on a case-by-case basis. Priests do NOT HAVE to get married and infact once a man is ordained he is no longer allowed to marry; however, married men can become parish priests but not bishops. "And I wanted to be a part of that.". The married priesthood is not unbiblical per se (i.e., Peter was married). This isn't something that the Roman Catholic Church is anxious to advertise. The rules about clerical celibacy will not change any time soon. In fact, the continued existence of an all-male, celibate priesthood cannot be divorced from an accompanying view of women as less moral and less worthy than men. Married for 30 years, Rev. (Apparently you can if you live in the U.S. … Priestly celibacy is rooted in … A powerful example of this is the celibacy of priests in Catholic Christianity, as demonstrated by its historical development and lack of consistent adherence. Why can't priests get married? Today, there are circumstances where priests can be married – for example, there are married Latin-Rite priests who are converts from the Protestant faith. Roman), the practice is for priests not to marry or be married. The best way to keep the land was to ensure that no rivals could claim it; keeping the clergy celibate and unmarried was the easiest way to accomplish this. Edward Beck told "CBS This Morning" co-hosts Gayle King and Erica Hill it's good that men like Grandon have the option to become a Catholic priest. Can we get married in the church, keep our own names and not be married by the law of the state? Helpful Information, Marriage Preparation. Catholic apologists deny that such worldly concerns were part of the decision to impose celibacy on priests, but it can't be a coincidence that the final push towards celibacy occurred when conflict over land was increasing. In this context, "confuse" seems to mean "let them know that when we say that celibacy is a requirement, we don't really mean that it is necessary." Of one thing we are clear—the first Pope, Peter, was married. Pope Francis has sidestepped a request for married men to be ordained as priests and women to be ordained as deacons, saying the Roman Catholic Church … The 45-year-old congregation hosts 3,200 families. While heterosexual priests can marry and have sex, gay clergy members are expected to remain unmarried and celibate. That is also why there are still so many married Roman Catholic priests in the world. This distinction is possible because there is nothing in the Deposit of the Faith that prohibits priests from being married. That’s because it’s a discipline, and requirement to be a priest. But unfortunately there is another possibility. Orthodox priests can be married, but they have to be married before they are ordained. Celibacy has not always been required of priests. "I could not do what I do, in the full capacity that I do it, and be married with children. Epiphany. Get your facts straight. (CBS News) For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has had a very firm rule - if you're a priest, you can't get married. This distinction is possible because there is nothing in the Deposit of the Faith that prohibits priests from being married. Married men have been and still are allowed to become priests, provided that they belong to a tradition within the Church that allows for married clergy. But there are exceptions to the rule of celibacy.
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